Full Spectrum Macrobiotic Lectures
to May 30

Full Spectrum Macrobiotic Lectures

1/31-Class #1: Defend Against Colds and Flus: How do I boost my immune system?

This lecture will focus on certain diet and lifestyle practices that boost immune function during the season that we are most susceptible to pathogens. Learn about seasonal cooking techniques, daily eating habits, special applications of supplements and herbs, and macrobiotic home remedies that will protect and treat common colds and flus

2/28-Class #2: Prenatal Nutrition: How do I eat for pregnancy?

This lecture will address questions and concerns for eating in preparation for, during, and after pregnancy. What foods are recommended? What foods should I avoid? Should I take supplements? How can I maintain energy throughout? What foods are best for milk production? And more...

3/28-Class #3: Spring Cleaning: What do I do to support healthy detox?

This lecture will talk about the benefits and dangers of cleansing. During the spring, the body naturally moves into a cleansing mode, releasing toxins and other excess from the long winter months. Learn how to support this process without stressing the body, and what foods and supplements will help the process.


Classes scheduled for 4/25 and 5/30 will be postponed to a later date. For info, please feel free to email with any questions. 

4/25-Class #4: Dietary Dogma: Which diet is right for me?

This lecture will focus the variety of diet fads that dominate popular culture. Are they based on sound nutritional science? Is there a relationship to traditional practices throughout world longevity cultures? How do I know what is right for me? Is there a common theme amongst them all?

5/30-Class #5: The Energetics of Food: Should I eat differently for each season?

This lecture will discuss the energetic effects of food and different cooking styles. What is food energetics? Why is it important to eat in harmony with the season? How do I prepare foods to make balance with the climate? Learn how to choose foods and cooking techniques for sustainable health.


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Full Spectrum Macrobiotics: Autumn Lecture Series
5:30 PM17:30

Full Spectrum Macrobiotics: Autumn Lecture Series




Join us for our Full Spectrum Macrobiotics: Autumn Lecture Series. Each Wednesday, we will cover a range of topics such as: The Basics of Full Spectrum Macrobiotics, Local Foods for Health, The Energetics of Food, Health, Behavior and Emotions, and Top Food Remedies.  Classes can be attended individually. Consultations for individualized recommendations can be scheduled after the lectures. 

11/8/17 - The Basics of Full Spectrum Macrobiotics

11/15/17 - Understanding Health and Healing

11/29/17 - The Energetics of Food

12/6/17 - Locals Foods for Sustainable Health

12/13/17 - Health and Emotion

12/20/17 - Top Food Remedies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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Imagery & Music: An Introductory Experience
7:30 PM19:30

Imagery & Music: An Introductory Experience



Please join us for an experience of Imagery & Music. Each Tuesday through the New Year we will gather to explore interactions between our imaginations and a variety of musical compositions. 

Through processing our journeys, we might expect to uncover elements of our subconscious mind and it's relationship to our everyday lives. Moments of deep relaxation, profound emotional connection, and peak experience are possible. Uncovering themes that play out in waking consciousness without our awareness, can also occur.

No experience necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Sign up at the Chi Hive or call 516-491-8927. 

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